Todd Harvey, MFT
7 day cancellation policy (unless reschedule is possible within same calendar week).

If you would like to make a single appointment, check out "All Appointment Times Available". If you are looking for the slots that are available on a repeating basis, check out "Regular Repeating Appointments".

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Initial Contact & First Meeting

Free Phone Initial Consultation
If you can't find a time on the schedule to touch base, please call me and let me know times that work for you.
80 minutes for price of 50 minutes (1st Session Only) - $300
50 minutes (First Session) - $300
If you can, you may as well sign up for the first session for 80 minutes. But if the schedule doesn't allow for that you can sign up here for a first session for 50 Minutes.

All Appointment Times Available

Video (50 Minutes) One Time Appointment - $300
Video (80 Minutes) One Time Appointment - $450

Regular Repeating Appointments Available

Every week (50 minutes) - $300
Every other week (50 Minutes) - $300
Every other week (80 minutes) - $450

Consult Group For Therapists

R-CS Practice Group
2 x Month Therapist Monday Consult Group
Directions 3179 College Avenue, Berkeley, CA, USA